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Meet the Team

Board President

John Paul Estey

Vice President

John Paul Estey is currently serving as PCTC Vice President.  He has also been one of our directors over the past four seasons and has led our play selection committee.  JP teaches English, Drama and Yearbook at Prosser High School. 

Millesa 2.jpg

Millesa Park

Business Manager

Millesa Park was born and raised in Prosser. She received her Master’s degree in Business and currently works in the Healthcare field. Millesa has always been passionate about music and theater but did not have the chance to engage as much as she as a child and young adult. She is married with four children. As an adult she has seen her older children grow in their passion for theater and has watched their wonderful experiences in the local theater and with PCTC. Millesa looks forward to diving in and working with the PCTC board on exciting things for the town and kids. 

Monica Ray

Andie Slonecker

Board Member

Andie Slonecker came to the theater world through her daughters and nieces. She’s been a PCTC parent for five years, and a board member for four. If she’s not watching youth theater or subbing in the Prosser School District, you can find Andie reading, writing, running, or knitting. Her favorite musical is Les Mis.

Andie Slonecker.jpg

Ben Riley


Jenny Johnson

Board Member

Jenny has been with PCTC since 2014 as a parent volunteer, a photographer, and occasionally a t-shirt designer. She previously served on the board from 2014 to 2016.


Sue Ellen Davis

Board Member

Scott McLaughlin

Board Member

Scott McLaughlin joined the PCTC Board in 2022.  

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